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Pretty, cheap and well-rounded (three misunderstandings)
Its easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to be prettier if you want to be an actor or actress. It turns out, though, that most important thespians arent conventionally pretty (Marlon Brando, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Geena
Coming and going matter far more than what happens in the middle.Opening things.Closing them.Tearing off the bandage.Losing something.Meeting someone new.Getting on the airplane, getting off of it.Being greeted.Elections.Ending a feud.We mistakenly spend most of our time thinking about, working on
There is more than one solution to your problem (and your problem is real)
Challenge one: Believing that the solution youve got (the person you want to hire, the strategy you want to implement, the decision you want to make) is the one and only way to make the problem go away or take
A neighbor recently put in some new sidewalk. As usual, the workman interrupted the unbroken swath of perfect concrete with lines every three feet.What are the lines for?Well, the ground shifts. When it does, perfect concrete cracks in unpredictable ways,
More than ten is too many
Human beings suffer from scope insensitivity.Time and again, were unable to put more urgency or more value on choices that have more impact. We dont donate ten times as much to a charity thats serving 10 times (or even 100
Metaphors aren't true
But theyre useful.Thats why professionals use them to teach, to learn and to understand.A metaphor takes what we know and uses it as a lever to understand something else. And the only way we can do that is by starting
The other kind of harm
Pop culture is enamored with the Bond villian, the psycho, the truly evil character intent on destruction.It lets us off the hook, because it makes it easy to see that bad guys are other people.But most of the stuff that
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Engine Group Taps Lisa Weinstein to Build New Media Distribution Offering
Engine Group is building a media buying and planning offering from the ground up, beginning with new hire Lisa Weinstein.Ms. Weinstein most recently served as president of global digital, data & analytics at Publicis
Former Rapp President Greg Andersen Sues Agency for Wrongful Termination
A lawsuit filed by former Rapp President Greg Andersen against the Omnicom agency alleging wrongful termination, retaliation and discrimination follows an internal investigation of allegedly inappropriate behavior by Rapp CEO Alexei Orlov that did
21st Century Fox Finishes Bulk of Media Agency Review After a Year
Entertainment titan 21st Century Fox has selected a handful of media agencies to support its business in the U.S. and Canada after starting a global review a year ago, according to people familiar with the matter. The global part of
Sprint Names Exec Creative Director to Run New In-House Agency
Sprint has chosen an executive creative director to run a new internal agency, a move that comes as the company works to cut costs across the board.The agency, called YellowFan Studios, will be housed
Advertising Hall of Famer Bill Backer Dies
The man who taught the world to sing has passed away.Bill Backer, a longtime creative at McCann Erickson before going on to co-found Backer & Spielvogel, died May 13 following a brief illness. It
REI's '#OptOutside' Campaign Takes Best of Show at the One Show
REIs #OptOutside campaign, in which the retailer decided to close its doors on Black Friday and instead encouraged consumers and its own employees to embrace the outdoors, won Best of Show at the One
More Layoffs and Departures at Barbarian Group Amid Restructure
The exodus at The Barbarian Group continues as Executive Creative Chief Edu Pou departs and the shop grapples with more layoffs, according to people familiar with the matter.Mr. Pou wrote on his public Facebook
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This Super Bizarre PSA Will Make You Want to Do Drugs...And the Pink Undie-Wearing Bunny Ladies(...)
First uploaded in July of 2011, this super strange faux PSA of sorts has amassed almost 26 million views to date. Supposedly its some sort of anti-drug effort. But, all it seems to do
Bloomingdales's Slammed With Social Media Outrage Over Date Rape Ad
Wow. I just wrote about an idiotic bank ad which made light of environmental issues and now we have a Bloomingdales ad which many say makes light of date rape.A Christmas print ad for
Idiotic Bank Ad Makes Light of Environment, Social Media Goes Bezerk!
Did you miss me?You would think after all these years we would have moved past the point were brands make egregious lapses in judgement knowing full well the wrath of social media outrage will
3 Ways to Incorporate Mobile And Social Analytics In Your Ad Campaigns
In todays competitive business environment, most advertising agencies are using data analytics to hone their clients campaign strategies and to improve their job of targeting, tracking, and engaging customers.With mobile commerce growing at an
So You Think Your Website Is Perfect. Here's 7 Reasons You May Be Wrong
OK so the entire world of marketing has been wetting its pants over social media and content marketing the last few years but what about that old fashion - yet, incredibly important -- thing
4 Things Brands Can Learn From Subway's Jared Fogle Scandal
Jared Fogle, the man that taught America it was possible to lose more than 200 pounds eating subway sandwiches, has been charged with possessing child pornography and is reportedly planning to plead guilty. Fogle
Here's How PR Can Be A Startup's Secret Weapon
As a startup, you may not be able to afford a full-time, dedicated PR team quite yet, so you opt for contractors, outsourced agencies, or part-time PR pros. There is some great ad-hoc talent
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7 Infographics Every Digital Marketer Needs to See
I love infographics as a marketing tool, don’t you? They can convey a huge amount of information in a compact form. It’s an easy way to hit the highlights of your chosen topic without losing the reader to text fatigue.
Easy-as-Pie Guide to Content Planning: 3 Recipes for Success
Ever been to a busy restaurant and waited what seemed like forever for your food to arrive? Or, bought a loaf of bread only to bring it home and realize it was stale? It’s not easy to run a restaurant, or churn
What Twitter’s Change in Character Count Could Mean for Social Media Marketers
Last week, Bloomberg gave digital marketers everywhere a reason to celebrate. Citing a source close to the matter, Bloomberg reported that Twitter will soon stop including photos and links as part of their 140-character limit—giving users the ability to craft
8 Essential Concepts Every Digital Marketer Should Understand
There’s an old story about a reporter who visited a skyscraper construction site. He approached one worker and asked what he was doing. “I’ve got to pour this cement before it sets, don’t bother me,” was the reply. The reporter
Online Marketing News: State of Digital, Twitter’s Characters and Silent Facebook Video
CMO.com’s 2016 State Of Digital Marketing,
Authoritative, Credible & Trustworthy: 3 Attributes of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy
There was a time in the not so distant past when marketing and reality did not always align. Companies could create a genius marketing campaign to promote a crap product without much backlash. Customers would receive the product which was
6 Ways to Use Video to Add More Value to Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Humans are highly visual beings, so it’s certainly no surprise that online video content is becoming a favorite source of information and entertainment across the digital landscape—and it shows no signs of slowing down. According to a HighQ infographic, experts
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How to Build Your Business on Content
How to Build Your Business on Content written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing  Marketing Podcast with Joe Pulizzi Content is no longer a nice form of marketing, it’s the air that guides the customer journey, or,
The Top 5 Social Analytics Tools for Small Business Marketers
The Top 5 Social Analytics Tools for Small Business Marketers written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape MarketingPutting a small business on the social media map involves using data to pinpoint and engage specific audiences with appropriate content.
15 Cause Marketing Ideas to Supercharge Your Referral Marketing Efforts
15 Cause Marketing Ideas to Supercharge Your Referral Marketing Efforts written by Kevin Jordan read more at Duct Tape MarketingIt’s no secret that gaining new customers by way of referral is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a
Weekend Favs May Twenty
Weekend Favs May Twenty written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape MarketingMy weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth
5 WordPress Plugins you Don’t Use that Boost user Engagement and Monetization
5 WordPress Plugins you Don’t Use that Boost user Engagement and Monetization written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape MarketingRunning a blog or online publication is no easy feat. Especially when you are looking to monetize and boost
The Top 3 Tools to Create Your Marketing Presentation
The Top 3 Tools to Create Your Marketing Presentation written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape MarketingYou are a small business owner. As such, you are constantly in search for new opportunities because you want to grow your
Why You Must Get Scrappy with Your Marketing
Why You Must Get Scrappy with Your Marketing written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape MarketingMarketing Podcast with Nick Westergaard  With so many marketing options these days, it’s hard to stay focused on what works. While small business
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These 'Commitment Rings' Stop You From Watching Netflix Unless Your Partner Is Around
Sick of your significant other skipping ahead and watching your favorite streaming shows without you? Lock them into a faithful TV-viewing relationship with a high-tech pair of series commitment rings, thanks to U.K. ice cream brand Cornetto. The marketer, which tends
This Gun Control Campaign Lets You Sign a Yearbook for Kids Who'll Never Have One
Tragically, the youngsters in this yearbook will never graduate from high school. In fact, they'll never grow up at all to reach their potential, or experience the fullness of life. And that's because each one was a victim of gun
McDonald's Makes Green and Red Angry Birds Burgers, Just Makes People Angry
Time was, McDonald's put toys in their Happy Meals to promote movies. Now they just dye their burgers, we guess. McDonald's China is making chicken and pork sandwiches with special red and green buns in advance of the Angry Birds
BBDO's Latest Ad for Snickers Ice Cream Bars Is a Real Scream
Can discordant screaming sell ice cream?Snickers sure hopes so, because that's the angle it's going with this new spot for Snickers ice cream bars. Playing on the "I scream, you scream" rhyme, the ad shows a mom and son, a
Google and Levi's Unveil a Connected Jean Jacket. See How It Works in Action
Fashion futurists, rejoice! Google and Levi's first smart garment has arrived, and it's a jean jacket that connects to your smartphone.The tech giant's Project Jacquard, focused on developing touch-sensitive fabrics, has been publicly working with the storied denim brand for
Snickers 'Hungerithm' Sets the Candy's In-Store Price Based on the Internet's Mood
Snickers has dreamed up one of the cooler online/offline advertising-meets-point-of-sale hybrid campaigns of the year, introducing a "Hungerithm" that gauges the mood of the Internet and adjusts the price of its candy bars in 7-Eleven stores accordingly, in real time. The
This Motorcycle Helmet Detects Crashes and Instantly Reports the Rider's Location
In Thailand, 80 percent of people killed in road accidents are riding motorcycles. Now, one agency hopes its new invention could literally mean the difference between life and death. The "Helpmet" was designed by BBDO Bangkok for the Thai Health Promotion
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B2B Buyers Expect an Omnichannel Experience From B2B Suppliers
To meet the demands of todays B2Bs, their suppliers should rethink their strategy and make sure it meets their customers current and future needs. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Three Things Email Marketers Should Do to Stay Competitive
Email is evolving in response to other digital channels, such as native advertising and social media. Find out what you need to do to remain competitive. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Sales and Marketing Should Work Together to Keep the Buyer's Journey Top of Mind
The battle between Sales and Marketing often starts at the top and persists because of a lack of alignment. But they must work together to guide the buyers journey. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Brain-Based Whiteboard Animation Sparks Customer Engagement
Whiteboard animations are highly effective marketing tools for sparking customer engagement and conversion. Heres a look at the science behind whiteboard animations effectiveness. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Marketers Can Win the Big Data Game by Playing It Smart
Customers constantly drop online clues about what they want, but most companies dont pick up on them. Successful marketers piece the clues together--then deliver exactly what customers want. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
The New Rules of B2B Public Relations
B2B PR focuses on earning results that change perceptions, shape opinions, drive brand preferences, and create opportunities. Its gone far beyond impressions and other vanity metrics. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
An Excellent Customer Experience Practically Markets by Itself
A companys success relies on many factors, and customer experience is one of the most important ones. People readily shift loyalties to a product or company that offers them the best customer experience. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
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What Lies Ahead for Gawker Now that a Tech Billionaire Is Bankrolling Lawsuits Against It?
If you thought the Gawker saga would slow down as we creep closer to Memorial Day weekend, you thought wrong.Following a dizzying 24 hours that ended with Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel admitting outright that he's been
Judge Denies Motion for New Gawker-Hulk Hogan Trial Following Peter Thiel Bombshell
Gawker was just handed another loss in court this afternoon, when a Florida state court judge upheld the jury verdict rendered two months ago in the lawsuit from Hulk Hogan.During a court hearing this morning in St.
Facetime: Network Upfronts in Full Swing
This week, across New York City, tv networks presented the best of their talent, programming and execs to advertisers in a bid to the fall lineup. Samantha Bee got laughs from the crowd at Turner’s upfront, while
Facetime: Network Upfronts in Full Swing
This week, across New York City, tv networks presented the best of their talent, programming and execs to advertisers in a bid to the fall lineup. Samantha Bee got laughs from the crowd at Turner’s upfront, while
Esquire's New Editor Wants to 'Reimagine the Way Fashion Can Be Done'
SpecsCurrent gig Editor in chief of Esquire; editorial director of Town & CountryPrevious gig Editor in chief of Town & CountryAge 46Twitter @jayfielden Adweek: Growing up, were you
This Newspaper Used an Algorithm to Play a Nasty Trick on Readers in Comments Section
A publication in Pakistan is taking an aggressive approach to stressing the importance of press freedoms—by helping readers better understand the unpleasantness of having their own words inverted.The Daily Times and agency Grey Singapore wanted to drive
In Its Third Year, New York Magazine's Vulture Festival Is Bigger Than Ever
For magazine publishers looking to recoup lost print dollars, live events are becoming increasingly important as independent revenue streams. Over the past several years, titles like Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and Essence (to name a few) have joined
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