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The end of geography
Some of the most important inventions of the last hundred years:Air conditioning--which made it possible to do productive work in any climateCredit cards--which enabled transactions to take place at a distanceTelevision--which homogenized 150 world cultures into just a fewFederal Express
What do you want?
The industrialist and the one in power would like you to choose from a list, multiple choice. To interview with the companies that come to the placement office, to select from whats on offer, to ask, what do you have?This
Various updates
Late in 2014, I invited IOS app developers to submit information for a lightweight list for people seeking professional help. Thanks to Jessica and the generous folks at New York Tech Meetup, its free and ready for you to use
The truth about admissions
One in five applicants to Harvard and Stanford are completely qualified to attend—perhaps 20% of those that send in their applications have the smarts, guts and work ethic to thrive at these schools and to become respected alumni.These schools further
The best laid plans
As your plans get more detailed, its also more and more likely that they wont work exactly as you described them.Certainly, its worth visualizing the thing youre working to build. When it works, whats it going to be like?Even more
Your mood vs. your reality
Who is happy?Are rock stars, billionaires or recently-funded entrepreneurs happier? What about teenagers with clear skin?Either what happens changes our mood... or our mood changes the way we narrate what happens.This goes beyond happiness economics and the understanding that a
Fear of public speaking
Very few people are afraid of speaking.Its the public part thats the problem.What makes it public? After all, speaking to a waiter or someone you bump into on the street is hardly private.I think we define public speaking as any
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eCommerce Satisfaction Down | Dueling Studies Argue Over Rate of Online Ad Fraud
eCommerce:Customer satisfaction ratings among etailers are falling, likely due to increased expectations.Ad Fraud:Startled by a study last year that showed a third of ad impressions were seen only by bots, the ANA and anti-fraud firm White Ops put together a
Time Bigger Online than Off | RIP Yahoo Directory | Tablet TV Seeks Aero Niche, Less the Lawsuits
Media:Time Incs last quarter showing that it has a bigger online audience than it does in print is consistent with signals indicating that the shift to digital consumption has gutted publisher revenues due to a combination of lower price expectations
Online Ad Growth Inexorable, Volatile | Yahoo's Firefox Search Battle Win Not Moving the War's (...)
Media:Research from a Publicis Group shop shows the inexorable growth of online media versus everything else, but of interest is information showing that marketers are still treating the online category in a bit of an experimental fashion. There were plenty
Vidible Addresses Fraud for Publishers | Ruffles Goes 100% Online | Holiday Research
Ad Fraud:Anti-fraud technology firm Vidible is now providing quality ratings of a sort for publishers extending their reach via partner distribution networks.Media:Pretty much on a lark of an A/B test, PepsiCo is throwing all of its Ruffles media dollars online.Holiday
In Complex Robot Media Market, Launching 'Desk' More Important than Being Useful | Speculation (...)
Robot Invasion:With everyone rushing to appear competent in the new world of robot and data-driven buying, lots of folks, it turns out are faking it. Merkles John Lee says this could wind up in the laps of the data management
Vidible Addresses Fraud for Publishers | Ruffles Goes 100% Online | Holiday Research
Ad Fraud:Anti-fraud technology firm Vidible is now providing quality ratings of a sort for publishers extending their reach via partner distribution networks.Media:Pretty much on a lark of an A/B test, PepsiCo is throwing all of its Ruffles media dollars online.Holiday
EU Parliament: Break Up, Google | Marketers Like Native | Amazon Denials Quieter on Ad-Supporte(...)
Search:Voting on an issue over which they dont have much control, the European Parliament will soon be asked to resolve that Google should be broken up for antitrust concerns. It does, however, indicate that Google may face increased legislative pressure
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Ogilvy New York Elevates Falusi to Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy & Mather Advertising has elevated Executive Creative Director Corinna Falusi to Chief Creative Officer of the New York office. She assumes the role left vacant last August when Calle Sjoenell left the agency
Agencies Ramp Up Super Bowl War Rooms for Content-Hungry Marketers
If marketers once resisted their agencies suggestions to staff a war room during the Super Bowl, the 2013 mid-game blackout put an end to that. Oreos quick tweet -- Power out? No Problem. You
FCB Wins Michelob Ultra
Interpublics FCB has won creative ad duties for Michelob Ultra after a review that began late last year. The fast-growing Anheuser-Busch InBev brand had been at Havas Palm & Havas in Chicago before the
Dentsu Aegis Creates U.S. CEO Role as Part of Aggressive Bid for Growth
Dentsu Aegis Network has promoted Rob Horler to the newly created post of U.S. CEO from CEO of Dentsu Northern Europe as the network sets more aggressive growth goals in the country.Mr. Horler will
72andSunny Picks Up Global Axe Creative
72andSunny has won global creative work for Unilevers Axe account, Unilever said Thursday.The marketer said 72andSunny, which will lead the account out of its Amsterdam office, will begin work immediately and will include a
Who Went Where: Your Guide to This Month's Unusual Spate of Key Creative Moves
Continue reading at AdAge.com
Jack In The Box Adds David & Goliath To Roster
Jack in the Box has added Los-Angeles based David & Goliath to its agency roster after a review.For more than 20 years, the burger chain has used Secret Weapon as its creative agency, but
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What Facebook's Acquisition of Video Startup Quickfire Means For Marketers
The social networking mogul Facebook took over the video startup QuickFire. The acquisition was officially announced on the QuickFire website last Thursday. In case you missed it, here are the details and what we
Once Again, Carl's Jr, Unleashes Massive Bouncing Breasts to Sell Hamburgers
Well, theres really isnt anything we can say that we havent said a hundred times before about Carls Jr. and, well, every other brand that has employed the heaving, pulchritudinous mass otherwise known as
3 of the Top 4 Most Shared Super Bowl Ads Of All Are Budweiser Ads
Despite Budweiser claiming three of the top four most shared ads of all time, Volkswagens 2011 spot The Force continues to hold onto the top spot, according to data released today by video ad
STUDY: Super Bowl Advertisers Who Release Ads Online Double Recall
Americans love to keep score. On Feb. 1, Super Bowl Sunday, every advertiser, marketer and ad-minded consumer in America will go to bed elated (or maybe depressed), bellies full of too many nachos, wings
How to Make Any Content SEO-Friendly
Content marketing has become an important piece of a modern digital marketing plan. Marketing teams are producing more content than ever, working closely with editorial teams, and pumping out blog posts - all to
100 Hot Looking Japanese Maids Make An Old Guy A Pancake
Theres just something about Japanese ads. The right amount of goofy. The right amount of innocent fun. The the right amount -- read: complete lack of -- political correctness. These elements combine to make
The Reason This Boy Aspires to Be A Garbageman Will Make You Cry
OK, silly teaser headline aside, this latest Thai Life Insurance ad, much like those that preceded it, may bring a little moisture to your eyes.While not as gut wrenching as previous efforts, the story
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Online Marketing News: Most Remain Unanswered, Not-So Responsive, Twitter Digits
Mobile is Driving Digital Growth Worldwide
From Journey to Destination: How Marketing Automation Can Fill Your B2B Funnel
You’re a busy B2B digital marketer trying to drive leads in an ever-changing world. You’re writing awesome emails. You use a marketing automation platform. Maybe you’ve even created a series of email drip campaigns, monitored their performance and began to nurture
How Locally Laid Got Paid by Turning Customer Feedback into Brand Storytelling
Here in Minnesota, a small egg company is getting big press after ruffling the feathers of a concerned shopper. When Locally Laid Eggs received a letter from a grocery store shopper, saying that the company’s name is “offensive” and its
What You Need to Know About Content & Influencer Marketing in 2015
Influencer Marketing was a hot topic in 2014 and will continue to gain momentum in 2015 for both B2C and B2B marketers, especially when it comes to content co-creation. “Why” the warm and fuzzy for influencer content you ask? According to CMI
Video and Social Media – Tips and Takeaways from #SMBMSP74
Digital marketers have known for some time that video is an essential part of the marketing mix: 76% of B2B companies use video as a content marketing tactic. Video is also an important part of a social media content strategy. After all, YouTube
Online Marketing News: Psycho Selfies, Twitter Beefs Up, Google Still Searchin’
How To Add Influencer Marketing To Your Content Strategy - Content Marketing and Influencer Strategy must work together for either to be successful. To ind out how you can add influencer marketing to your mix, check out the infographic above and
4 Ways Marketers Can Learn From a Journalist’s Approach to Content Planning
“Be the media” isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s a live process and philosophy that brings in leads and moves products and services. It’s the concept of content as sales staff. It’s “write it and they will come.” OK, so
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How to Incorporate Quizzes To Amp Up Your Content Marketing Reach
How to Incorporate Quizzes To Amp Up Your Content Marketing Reach written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingWhen you put together your annual content marketing strategy, you may not have incorporated quizzes
5 Content Metrics Every Marketer Needs to Analyze
5 Content Metrics Every Marketer Needs to Analyze written by Alex Boyer read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingToday’s guest post comes from Campbell Mcdonald – Enjoy! Nearly every marketing initiative involves a healthy dose of
What Customers Want
What Customers Want written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingIt’s guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing, and today’s guest post is from Mark Kirkpatrick– Enjoy! The only consistent in the wants
Weekend Favs January Twenty Four
Weekend Favs January Twenty Four written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingMy weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the
6 Key Tactics Agencies Use to Help Local Businesses Rank Higher in Google
6 Key Tactics Agencies Use to Help Local Businesses Rank Higher in Google written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingIt’s guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing, and today’s guest post
The Power of Gratitude in Marketing
The Power of Gratitude in Marketing written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingIt’s guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing, and today’s guest post is from Nicole Kohler – Enjoy! As a business
5 Tools that Changed the Way I Do Business
5 Tools that Changed the Way I Do Business written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape MarketingI write about lots of tools, but mostly tools that help you do a better job with
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This Ridiculous and Charming Super Bowl ad for Avocados Explains a Lot About the World
If your country could have recruited its plants and animals like football talent in the Earth's earliest days, what would you have picked? A sleepy sloth? A scrappy lemur? Some ... wheat? That's the question posed in
McDonald's Unveils Endearing Super Bowl Ad, and Finally Reveals Its Mystery Currency
With no shortage of new advertising coming from McDonald's (for better or worse), it can't come as much of a surprise that it's joined Super Bowl lineup, too. Following a teaser earlier in the week that suggested
Priceline Knows You Can't Keep William Shatner Away From Super Bowl Sunday
These are the voyages of Priceline's Negotiator. His 17-year mission: To seek out the best travel deals, and boldly pitch like no man has pitched before. William Shatner returns Sunday during NBC's Super Bowl pregame coverage in
Pete Rose Enters a Hall, Just Not THE Hall, in Skechers' Super Bowl Commercial
After a year away, Skechers will return to the Super Bowl on Sunday with a 15-second spot starring Pete Rose, who good-naturedly pokes fun at his continuing exclusion from baseball's Hall of Fame—with help from fiancée Kiana
Watch This Video and Learn How to Turn Your Child Into the Next Social Media Superstar
If you're a parent trying to make sense of this social-media-soaked world, you might feel a little bit lost and intimidated—not quite clear on how you can turn your child into an Internet phenom. Well, according to
This Year's Craziest Super Bowl Ad Is From GrubHub and Stars an Angry Flying Burrito
In the mini Super Bowl of regional ads, GrubHub is introducing a flying burrito that crashes into the heads of anyone foolish enough to order food by phone. The message is anything but subtle: Order via GrubHub's
Watch This Ad Agency Tell Its Staffers They Have to French Kiss Their Clients
Plenty of agencies describe themselves as full service, but one really wants to take that commitment to the next level. At least, that's the premise of a video Geometry Global Paris made as an uncomfortably literal love
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Three Ways Programmatic Media Buying Helps You Target Customers
Use programmatic media buying to better understand and reach your audience. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Why You Can't Ignore Social's Selling Power
How much of an influence on sales does social media have? Heres a look at recent findings from the Sloan School of Management and Tsinghua University regarding the power of persuasion via social on buyers. Read the full article at
Five Marketing Lessons That the Common Core Initiative Should Have Followed
Better planning (and marketing) couldve helped the Common Core Initiative gain more adoption. Heres what it couldve done and what marketers must keep in mind when pitching new programs. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
UGC Can Strengthen the Relationship Between Your Social Media and Content Marketing
The relationship between social and content marketing can feel forced, but user-generated content can make it a healthier, happier union. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Five Fears of SMBs
What really weighs on the minds of small business owners? And, more importantly, what can they do to help relieve those worries? Read the full article at MarketingProfs
Why Machine Learning Can Help Marketers Connect With Consumers
When applied to Big Data, machine learning can be used to predict the most effective message to serve to the right person at the right time. Heres a deeper look at how machine learning can help you become a better
Five Challenges Facing Marketers Today
Marketers have more data than ever at their fingertips, but that doesnt mean their jobs are any easier. Here are some of marketers biggest challenges today. Read the full article at MarketingProfs
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Adweek's Instant Reviews of the 2015 Super Bowl Ads
It's that time again. Time to gorge on football and pricey commercials, not necessarily in that order. We already know a lot about what to expect from the ads of Super Bowl XLIX. Comedy, tragedy, celebrities, puppies,
Accounts in Review: Axe Goes Off Roster for Big Global Assignment
Unilever went outside the family in its selection of 72andSunny to refresh Axe's global strategic positioning. The agency hasn't worked for Unilever before but pitched ideas that Axe's marketing leaders liked and performed well in testing after
Discover Returns to the Super Bowl for the First Time Since Card's 1986 Launch
Discover is back on the Super Bowl this year, for the first time since the credit card was launched in 1986 with its "Dawn of Discover" ad. Within the credit and debit card category, Discover is the
Nearly 15,000 People Are Upset That Nascar's Super Bowl Ad Makes Fun of Being Gluten-Free
A Change.org petition with nearly 15,000 signatures is asking Nascar to ditch its Super Bowl spot. The ad features Nick Offerman, making fun of being gluten-free and, according to the petition, implies that gluten-free people who suffer from Celiac
Dairy Queen Humorously Parodies Jared Jewelers in Its Valentine's Day Ad
Dairy Queen's first 60-second commercial, a parody of Jared The Galleria of Jewelry's syrupy, romantic ads, will break this Sunday during the Puppy Bowl. The spot is part of a new yearround advertising push from the Berkshire
Nationwide Will Air 2 Very Different Ads During the Super Bowl
As it turns out, Nationwide's appearance during the Super Bowl will be a double feature. Not only will the insurance company air this fun ad featuring Mindy Kaling, from McKinney, it will also run a spot from
FCB Returns to the Beer Business With Michelob Ultra Win
FCB is back in the beer category after winning Michelob Ultra's North American account. The Interpublic Group shop, which lost longtime client MillerCoors in 2012, bested several finalists, including the MDC Partners team of Crispin Porter +
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A Jew’s View of Christmas
Wife Paula, dog Brewster & some bearded guy. Photo by Shel
Remembering Charlie O’Brien 10 years later.
Today is the 10th anniversary of the death of my best friend, Charlie O’Brien. His daughter Michelle and I have started a Facebook Page to commemorate this sad milestone and to share photos and memories. Charlie was my mentor and
About my Shindig shindig
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like a face-to-face engagement despite what we zealots of social media like to think. Group Twitter and Facebook chats have value, but they often are confusing and misunderstanding sometimes is an unintended consequence. Webinars have
Remembering Charlie O’Brien–10 Years Later
  My best friend Charlie O’Brien died ten years ago today. The sense of loss is still there. The pain is less frequent and a lot duller than it once was, I imagine like someone who has healed from the
Help Me With a Forbes Column on Google+
Ever since I started writing The Social Beat for Forbes, I’ve been wondering what to do with this, my beloved home blog. I have an idea. I currently crowd source my column ideas on Twitter and Facebook to get content,
Special Offer: Stellar Presentations for only $4.99!
I launched my new book, Stellar Presentations: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Giving Great Talks six weeks ago. It is the most critically acclaimed of my three books. On Amazon, 10 people have given it five stars, two people gave it four
Come Visit me at Forbes.com
I am writing a column for Forbes.com called The Social Beat. Everything I write related to Social media, the web, startups and the tech sector will appear there. It will be the primary venue for my online writing. Please come and
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